Here are some examples of our past and on-going engagement:

  • Market opportunity assessment of Medical gas supply systems in West and East Europe and in China
  • Identification and evaluation of potential distributors of medical gas supply systems, among others in China
  • Foundation of a medical company in Germany on behalf of Chinese client
  • Opening up new procurement markets in China for German medical equipment company
  • Identification of distributors in furniture industry of China for English client
  • Opening up new sales and procurement markets for furniture and furniture components in East Europe and China on behalf of German clients
  • Support in selection and development of hydrocarbon fields for joint exploration, monitoring of development, production and processing in Ukraine and Russia on behalf of a medium-sized American Oil Company

We kindly ask you to respect that some of clients can not be identified for reasons of confidentiality.

We are pleased to inform you that we have just opened a co-operation office in Guangzhou (China).
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As a result we can provide more professional service to our clients interested in opening up new sales- and procurement markets in China.
Our Chinese consultants have a proven track record of achievement, in depth- knowledge and log-term experience of the Chinese medical devices and furniture markets, having lived and worked in many locations of China, Asia and the world and have got a hugh network of contacts to both industries.
Skyline of Hongkong, China